JC Stilwell

Remembering J.C.

J.C. Stilwell, 84, of Mackinaw City, passed away peacefully Saturday evening, Jan. 26, 2013 at Mackinac Straits Hospital following a short illness.

He was born in Emmet County near Mackinaw City on Aug. 9, 1928 to John C. and Inez (Quinn) Stilwell. J.C. will be remembered as an icon in the Straits Area, and was an Ironworker Local 340 and worked on the Mackinac Bridge from its inception in 1954 until opening in 1957, and has honored the ironworkers with a fabulous museum in Mackinaw City for over 30 years. He was the founder of the International Ironworkers Festival and that has continued for 30 years.

He has been a businessman in Mackinaw City since 1964 owning Mama MIa's Pizza on Central Avenue; a well-known business in the area where familieis could come and dine and enjoy a reasonable meal. It was destroyed by fire in August of 2005, and was rebuilt and reopened in May of 2007. He never retired and was busy at the restaurant until closing in the fall of 2012. J.C. also built the Flamingo Motel in 1954, which is still run by his son and daughter-in-law, Jay and Fay. He was an active member of the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce, Sons of the American Legion, and St. Anthony's Catholic Church. He also sailed on the Chief Wawatam for a short time.


Marilyn Kapp Honored

Marilyn Kapp Honored

Marilyn Kapp was honored with an engraved granite marker as the founder of the Ironworker Walk of Fame. She was acknowledged with an engraved granite header installed in the Walk of Iron. The ceremony was Friday, August 12, along with celebrating 97 other inductees along the brick walk and monument area on N. Huron Ave.

Large Union Bricks line the planter that defines the Ironworker and Bridgeman area. The Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce will carry on this exciting project with the Village of Mackinaw City.

The new Walk coordinator is Dawn Edwards, Exec Director of the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce. Looking on is Jeff Lawson the new Cheboygan County Administrator (former MC Village Manager).


James Arnold

James Arnold

2011 Inductee- James Arnold local 721 Toronto,

Canada - proud to be a part of the walk

James Richard Arnold had one of the forty-four new bricks that were added to the Walk of Iron memorial Friday, August 12, 2011 and Donald Horn of Local #24 Block #598860 was inducted into the Ironworkers Hall of Fame.

A special granite brick also was placed for Marilyn Kapp, the founder of the Ironworkers Walk of Iron memorial, who began work on the memorial in 2008. This year, she handed the project over to the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce. She was surprised to see the brick for her volunteerism.

“I’m so happy the way it has evolved,” she said, “and I’m glad that the Chamber is taking over. There’s no better organization to take over.”

New bricks included in the Ironworkers Walk of Iron memorial include Gregory Hicks of Local 25, Francis Denome of Local 324, Jerry O’Brien, Delton D-Crisp of Bay City, Richard Campbell, Clark “Lib” Libey of Local 340-25, Walter ‘Wally’ Hatfield of Local 380, James Richard Arnold of Local 721, Toronto, George Gyftakis of Local 25, Louis Shorkey of Local 324, William Culver of Local 25, James Jorgensen, Leonard Forreider of Local 340, David Jewell, Fred Jewell, Ray Cote of Local 324, Jerry Smith of Local 25, Marv-Joan Savage of Walbridge, Ohio, Marty Adrian of Local 25, Chuck Klettner of Local 25, John Adams of Local 40, Jeffrey Laxton of Local 580 in New York City, Rock and Randy Menard of Local 25, Norm Shepard of Local 25, John Taraldsen of Local 563, Duane PelfreyLocal 25, Daily ‘Bud’ Weaver of Local 25, Jack Watson of Local 25, Bob Polsin of Local 8, Richard Saunders of Local 783, Clifford Mumby of Local 25, Lloyd Weaver of Local 25, Gilbert Scott of Local 25, Chas T. and Chas K. Roy of Local 25, Ronald Jensen of Local 433, and Jack Baldwin of Local 25. Read Full Article

August 2015 Mackinaw City, MI

August 2015

Ironworkers Festival Celebration

The International Ironworkers Festival is an Annual event held each summer in Mackinaw City. It attracts Ironworkers from across the United States and Canada to compete in friendly competition.

It is open to the General Public, although only Ironworkers & Retirees can compete in the Skilled Events.

These events include Knot Tying, Rod Tying, Rivet Toss, Spud Throw, Column Climb (Field Event), and the World Championship Column Climb. Read More