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The Ironworkers Walk of Fame is an honor to Ironworkers, and Mackinac Bridge Bridgmen of North America.

Ironworkers, Mackinac Bridgemen and monument supporters that purchase an engraved brick are inducted in the Ironworkers Walk of Fame. Purchasers are notified when their brick has been placed on the boulevard. The Annual reading of all new walk of Iron inductees will be held on the 2nd Friday in August, 3pm, at the bridge view site. Pavers are placed into the walk seasonally as quantities are met for the area. Additionally, www.walkofiron.com was launched to provide inductees and their families an opportunity to “Tell the World Their Story”. Inductees are encouraged to submit personal biographical information that includes the top five favorite jobs worked. This information is placed on www.walkofiron.com as a Living History tribute to the profession of Ironworkers and Bridgemen.

To become an inductee on the Ironworkers Walk of Fame, or to support the IWWF project, complete this order form Brick Order Form and send it along with a check to the address listed on the form. For the purchase price of $125.00 you will receive the personalized engraved paver brick on the Ironworkers Walk of Fame and a biography on www.walkofiron.com. Please order by May 31st if you wish to have your brick ready and in place by the dedication ceremony in August.

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3.) Fill out Your Brick order form and save the file 4.) Print Your Brick order form and mail completed form to the address on the form

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